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About Jodie Solberg

Jodie Solberg began her journey... the therapeutic world at a very early age, growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Ever since she began talking she would recount memories from before she was born, and she was a very sensitive, quiet and introspective child whose love for reading was developed quickly within her first few years of life. 

As an intuitive empath, she made friends easily and cared deeply about the people, animals, and the environment around her. She was able to feel the emotions of others and anticipate their words and actions. She was fascinated with religion and chose to study all different types growing up, being fortunate to have a family who allowed her to explore her spirituality openly and to come from a Native American background with a strong connection to and respect for nature.

She chose to double major in Psychology and Sociology in college at Northern Arizona University so that she could explore all aspects of Social Psychology, primarily working with children, couples and family units. In graduate school at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, Jodie studied Clinical Psychology and discovered her passion for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and hypnotherapy. She worked in the mental health clinic in Portland during the time surrounding the 9/11 attacks which gave her important experience working with issues such as anxiety, trauma, and depression.

During that time in her life, Jodie met her husband and soul mate, with whom she had an instant connection and knowing. Together they moved back home to Washington state, where she again chose to work with children and families, and then with teens in after school programs and group homes. During this time, she also became a business coach for women in business, which she has done since 2006.

Jodie and her husband also ran a very successful electronic monitoring company together in the Seattle area for 10 years, where she worked directly with court-mandated drug and alcohol offenders, again giving her valuable experience working with people suffering from addiction. Jodie continues to volunteer with teens in group homes, which gives her fulfillment in positively affecting the next generation of citizens in our society.

In late 2018...

....Jodie and her husband decided to build their dream home on their property in the picturesque foothills of the Cascade Mountains, along the Skagit River.

At this time Jodie reignited her passion for Hypnotherapy and became certified in Pediatric Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transpersonal Wellness, Regression, and working with clients with PTSD. She then decided to combine those skills with her passion for coaching and working from her home in the beautiful Skagit Valley, to create Psyched Up Success, LLC.  

"When you are willing to stop looking for something in thought, you find everything in silence."