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The Dojo Woman Collective: An Undenaiable Sisterhood

The Dojo Woman Collective: An Undenaiable Sisterhood is a community of women who are healers, coaches, facilitators, parents, friends and collaborators. We are rich in intimacy, sourcing power from the depth of connection to ourselves and each other. 

As a member of the Collective, you get access to:

• Monthly gatherings
• Weekly connection and expansion calls
• Masterclasses, music and other offerings
• And so much more!

Also, if you agree that it takes a village to raise a child, you’ll be happy to know that your Membership Supports Song Healing Trauma: an innovative new program that uses songwriting to heal extreme trauma in urban youth populations, which was created by Collective co-founder & artist, Naia Kete.

If you are devoted to knowing and being known, seeing and being seen, listening and being heard, click here to learn more about The Dojo Woman Collective: An Undenaiable Sisterhood!


Get certified to offer effective holistic healing and profound spiritual experiences with Mary Lee’s online and hybrid courses. Designed for people whose mission is to help others heal and grow. 

Learn proven tools and strategies that will address nearly every issue that is presented in your practice. Offer a client-centered approach that flows seamlessly from problem to resolution.

Be confident of your ability to help people on all levels: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Earn credentials such as Certified Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Wellness Coach, or Certified Weight Management Coach. 

Mary Lee has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology and is one of Jodie’s personal instructors and mentors for client-centered hypnotherapy. 

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Igniting The Millionaire: Become Her To Be Her

Unlocking the millionaire within you will shift your whole life, and the lives of everyone around you, especially those you value most! This season is your defining moment to take that next step toward reaching your goals and fulfilling your purpose. When you ignite the millionaire within you, you're not just unlocking financial success, but you're also opening yourself up to a world of limitless possibilities! In this powerful anthology, Jodie's chapter "Becoming Your Own Role Model" is about opening yourself to prosperity by gaining a deeper connection with your inner self, and stepping into who you are truly meant to be. 

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Igniting The Millionaire Signed Paperback
Igniting The Millionaire E-Book

The Embracing Our Strengths 30-Day Journal

To journal is to create a pathway into our minds, so we can access our innermost thoughts, feelings and abilities. This journal is based on Jodie's chapter “Embracing Our Strengths” in the best-selling anthology Women of Power: Ignited to Serve. Jodie's goal in releasing this journal was to provide insight into her own process of identifying her strengths and building her life and career around them, and how others can do the same. This journal is a tool for you to use to recognize and explore your own strengths and learn how you can incorporate your own unique blend of talents and skills to create a fulfilling and purposeful life you will love.

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The Everything Happens For A Lesson 30-Day Journal

Creating the daily habit of journaling helps us to discover who we are inside, reminds us of our goals, and keeps the vision of who we are becoming in front of us. This journal is based on Jodie's chapter in the best-selling anthology Fierce Women Roaring Into Purpose: From Pain to Purpose. Ever since the book was released, it has been on her heart to share this journal to help you look for the lessons in your own daily life, so that you can focus on growth and embrace positive change. Each day, we are given the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us through both the triumphs and the challenges we face. The journal prompts Jodie has included here will help you to consistently stay in a positive, growth mindset and to get to know yourself better. Just a few questions twice a day, incorporated into your morning and evening routines, will help you build healthy mental habits, gain self-confidence, and create positive change.

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The Greatness In You

This book is a work of inspiration and passion, created with unity, strength, love and focus by an incredible group of amazing authors from all over the world to help affect positive change in the world. The greatness and magic of the human spirit is highlighted by these timeless stories of men and women who are inspiring others to discover their Greatness. Through their commitment, dedication, and determination, you’ll learn how you can overcome any challenge, move into your highest potential, and embrace the miracles of life. In this book, Jodie writes about how to find your own true voice and use it to grow in your purpose, so you can discover your own greatness inside.

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The Greatness In You Signed Paperback
The Greatness In You E-Book

Coach Drs. Bringing Elite Specialists To The Table

Working together alongside incredible Visionary Authors Dr. Deborah Allen and Dr. Pamela Henkel, Jodie and a powerful line up of other elite coaches from around the world in all specialties have created an unprecedented, world-class workbook that will bring the power of coaching directly to you! Jodie's chapter in this incredible workbook is focused on mental health and building Emotional Empowerment, helping you to increase your emotional intelligence in 5 key areas to create success in every aspect of your life.

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Coach Drs Signed Paperback
Coach Drs E-Book

More Than A Conqueror

This powerful international collaboration speaks to something we all have in common, and that is that we will have to fight and overcome adversity in order to become the people of purpose we are called to be. Make no mistake, being a conqueror is not easy, but it is necessary! In this book, Jodie writes about what burnout is and how to identify it in yourself, as well as how to recover and prevent it.

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More Than A Conqueror Signed Paperback
More Than A Conqueror E-Book

Women of Power

34 brave, courageous, and diverse women from across the globe have come together to compile this life-changing book. Each and every one of these women has a unique story to tell! In this book, Jodie writes about how to discover and develop your own personal strengths, so you can step into your power.

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Women of Power-Ignited to Serve Signed Paperback
Women of Power-Ignited to Serve E-Book
Fierce Women AND Women of Power signed Book Bundle

From Pain To Purpose

Twenty-one brave, courageous, and diverse women from across the globe have come together to compile this life-changing book. Each and every one of these women has a unique story to tell! In this book, Jodie writes about how to look for the lessons in all of life's circumstances and use them to find and fulfill your purpose.

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