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Loving Yourself First

Typically, when you think of February, you think of romance, right? Well today I want to talk about loving yourself first, because I believe that you are the most important love of your life! Self-love influences everything in your life, and we tend to focus so much on finding a romantic partner, that we sometimes forget how well you love your self actually influences who you choose. And choosing the right partner (or not) can be a life-altering decision! Self-love is also a factor in the way you interact with the world, and handle the challenges that life throws your way. When you choose to love yourself first, you are able to have more compassion for yourself, to accept yourself for your individuality, and you become more confident and able to live in your values and fulfill your purpose.

So, how does one go about loving yourself first? Well first, practice your self-care. Taking care of your own needs before the needs of others is vital for having the energy to give to other human beings. Make sure your sleep, exercise, healthy eating habits, and a good balance of social and quiet time are priorities in your daily life.

Second, practice some self-compassion and give yourself grace and forgiveness. Look at challenging situations as learning experiences instead of failures. Rather than beating yourself up, look at how you can grow and become stronger and better from that experience. Then, release it and move forward.

The third way you can practice self-love is through practicing mindfulness. Take the time to pay
attention to your mind, body, and surroundings each and every day. Be mindful of your choices and your feelings, and pay attention to how things you do make you feel, what gives you and what takes away energy, and be in the present moment.

Living with intention is the fourth way to increase your self-love. Focus on what you want most versus what you want right now. Make decisions on what is best for you long-term, and base your goals on your values. When you truly know what you want in life, you can be intentional about what you are doing in your day and making sure it’s getting your closer to those goals and ultimately fulfilling your purpose.

The fifth way to make sure you are prioritizing yourself first is to guard your energy. Look at the people and activities that bring you joy in your life, and the ones that don’t. Write down two lists-10 things you love to do, and the 10 people you spend the most time with. For that second list, it can be people you spend time with in person, on the phone, or online. Just write the 10 most influential people in your life. Then write down next to each one a plus, minus, or equal sign based on how you feel about yourself and the world around you after you have been talking with them. Focus your time on the ones with the positive ones, and set clear boundaries and limit interactions, or even just certain conversation topics that you know are triggers, with the negative ones.

By taking some simple steps to prioritizing your well-being, your energy, and your happiness, you will become a more joyful, peaceful, grounded person who has more to give to others. That will not only make you fulfilled on your own, but it will also make you a more attractive partner for when the right one comes along. And if you are already in a loving, committed relationship, loving yourself first will ensure that relationship becomes stronger, healthier and will stand the test of time.

If you are in need of additional support with coping with all the challenges right now, or in communicating better with the ones you love, please feel free to reach out for assistance.