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The Pivot Mindset

Right now, it’s so important to protect our mindset with everything going on in the world. If you had any stress, anxiety, or other issues going on in your life prior to the stay at home orders, everything that is happening in this era of Covid-19 is amplifying it. So it’s crucial to prioritize self-care and personal growth at this moment in time. Many of us are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and going through an emotional cycle of grief over the loss of our normal every day lives multiple times per week, and sometimes per day. You may fluctuate between “I’ve got this” and freaking out. Fear, frustration and anger are totally normal responses. Fear of the unknowns in this scenario such as health and money can be energy drainers so in order to keep your mindset strong and raise your energy level I’m going to walk you through some things you can do to lift yourself up and stay strong emotionally. 
In all areas of our lives, there are seasons. Think of nature. Right now it’s Spring, and it’s getting beautiful and sunny and everything is growing. Just two days ago we had the warmest day since September! And because it’s Spring, everything is going to start blooming and b beautiful, and it will get even warmer and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and bounty all the way through the Summer. But then it will be Fall again, and it will get cooler out. Some flowers will begin to die, some trees will lose their leaves. And when we transition into full-blown Winter, where we will have months of hibernation and cold and nothing will grow. It’s a continual cycle of growth and rebirth, and we never question it. It just is the way it has always been. But at this time in our lives, we are resistant because it is an unknown season for us. Most of us haven’t been through anything like this before in our lives and businesses, and so we fear the unknown, which drains our energy. After the great depression, and every recession since, the economy has come back stronger, and people have always persevered and come out of those times wiser and better prepared for the future ahead. We are so fortunate to live in a time in the world where we can function virtually through video chats, social media, and ordering everything online. So even though perhaps your path to get there has been altered, if you are working with that same purpose and passion as before, you can truly pivot in your personal and professional life and still achieve amazing results. Take time each day to cultivate a super-strong, positive, solution-focused mindset, build up your bounce-back ability, and shift your thoughts to abundance, being of service to others, and gratitude. Affirm yourself that you are strong, capable, safe, and healthy, and remember what you have been through before in your life and have overcome. You will learn from this experience if you are open to it, and will come out stronger!

Get creative and look at the opportunities available to you. What is YOUR next best step? Don’t get overwhelmed with too many ideas. Pick one idea of something you’d like to accomplish during this time, and start running with it right now. You can always do another one in a couple of days, weeks, or next month. This is a great time to strengthen your relationships, join online communities with similar interests, start a new hobby, or read some of those great self- improvement books you never felt you had time for before. You could even study toward or start that new career venture you have been thinking about.

Here are a few tips to protect your mindset. First, limit the news to only what is pertinent to you each day. For example, you could decide to watch the 5 o’clock news each day on one local channel, so that then you will get all the info on any changes that occurred that day. And then that’s it! ONE time and then turn it off. Second, surround yourself with supportive, positive and solution-focused people. And yes I mean even virtually! You choose who you spend time having conversations with, follow on social media, and allow into your mental space. If you ever find yourself thinking your social media is negative, remember that YOU create your page, who your friends are, and what you see. Take control of that and use it wisely. 

My third tip for protecting your mindset is to recognize your feelings-be aware of them, take a moment to acknowledge them, and then start looking at what you can control. There are so many more things that we can control vs what we can’t control right now. You have the power to choose your schedule, to sleep in your own bed in your home, to eat when and what you want, to watch what you want when you want to, and to work when you want to. But most importantly, you have the power over your own mind. Find ways when you are slipping lower on that grief cycle to pull yourself back up. Get some fresh air by getting outdoors and taking a walk, listen to music you love, take a long hot shower or bath, treat yourself to something that brings you joy. Give yourself grace and compassion and then get back to the task at hand and make this time as productive as possible. 

Remember that if you have a goal and a purpose in your heart, it was put there for a reason and it’s possible in any season. We just have to move through the world a little differently in the Fall and Winter than we do in the Spring and Summer of our lives. You have everything you need to make it happen already inside of you, and access to all the knowledge you could ever need to build upon the strengths you already possess. No matter the challenge, there are always people who prosper and come out stronger. And so will you! Take care of yourself and your family, serve others, support them, build relationships that will stand the test of time, and you will reap the rewards of this unique set of circumstances and come out a wiser, stronger woman.

If you’d like to explore further what having the support of a mental wellness coach looks like, let’s talk.