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How to Take Action When You’re Not Feeling It

So you’re not feeling motivated today and you just want to watch tv and curl up under a blanket with your dog? Oh yes, we have all had those days, that’s for sure! But what if you actually need to get things done today, and canceling all your plans isn’t really an option? Well, today I’m going to share my secrets for getting yourself to take action even when you aren’t feeling it. 

The first thing I do whenever I am feeling a little blah is to take a look at WHY I’m not motivated. Where does my motivation, or lack thereof, come from? Am I putting off doing something because I don’t enjoy it, or is it really just because I am in the middle of a project, which is always the least exciting part. So many times we get all amped up about doing something, and in the beginning, it’s fun and new and interesting. And we will be so happy and feel great when it’s gone too. But the middle is, well, less than desirable. We want the thrill without the work, and so we lose interest and procrastinate. Or perhaps it is something that isn’t part of a bigger project, but it’s ongoing, like cleaning the kitchen. The payoff when it’s done is big, but the motivation to actually start is tiny because you loathe doing dishes. Whatever it is for you, take a look at why you don’t want to do it, and then you can look at how to proceed.

The next step I take when I am feeling less than enthusiastic about something is inching my way to action. Get ready, and then get set, before you actually go. Start prepping and do the little things for 15 minutes at a time, and then see how you feel. Many times, once I get moving and start doing tasks, I get more motivated naturally just by doing something. So take baby steps to set yourself up for when you are ready to make it happen. For me, part of setting up is setting reminders for myself, breaking down the project into smaller pieces so it feels more doable. I also include creating a vision for myself of what it will look like and how I will feel once it’s done. Keeping not just your goals, but what it will look like when you complete them, in front of you is very motivating. Take a few minutes to imagine and even write down how you will feel when your kitchen is spotless, the praise your family will give you, and how much easier and rewarding it will be to make dinner when nothing is in your way. If it’s a bigger project you are working on, create a vision board and keep that in front of you by keeping pictures on your phone, your computer, and around your home of what that end result will look like. So then when you are binging your favorite show in the middle of that day when you were planning on doing something else that’s a bit more productive, you can pull up a pic on your phone, remember why you were going to do that instead, and get yourself back up off that couch to make it happen.

The last step I make sure to include in my motivation plan is outer accountability. It’s not always easy to do something just for you when you are the only one that knows about it. That makes it much easier to not make progress toward your goals because the only person you are letting down is you. So start getting in the habit of making what you are going to do public. Post it on social media, tell your friends and family, and even partner up with someone who has similar goals to keep in touch as you work toward them. By putting your intentions out there, you give others the opportunity to cheer you on, support you, and even offer to help or run alongside you in their own challenges. It invites them to step up and rise to the occasion as well. I know it’s scary to tell the world what you want to achieve, but you will be surprised how many others have the same challenges and aspirations and will be there for you. And if it is something as simple as a clean kitchen, telling everyone in the household may get you some help lightening the load!

These are all techniques that have worked well for me personally, as well as many of my clients. But we are all different in what motivates us. If you feel like you have tried everything and need that outer accountability, guidance, and support, please reach out to me by clicking this link.  As a Mental Wellness Coach and Hypnotherapist, I work to support my clients in finding their own deeper motivations for why they procrastinate and put things off, and get a clear vision for the life they want for themselves. Together we work to keep the benefits of taking action at the top of their mind, and replace their negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs with healthier, more productive ones. I am here for you if you need me to give you a safe, judgment-free place to share and be supported. And I wish you the best in getting yourself moving, even if you don’t feel like it. You’ve got this!