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Pick your Own Path-the 3 Ps to Fulfillment

Let’s talk about our path, our purpose, our passion in life…

I recently realized that my choice to take continuing education classes to get Certified in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression is the first time I have made a career decision for no one besides myself in over 18 years. The last time I made a decision solely based on what I wanted to do with my life is when I chose to go into the PsyD program at Pacific University, and focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2001. Every single decision (and I don’t regret any of them) since then has been made to support my husband’s career, or take care of my mom after multiple cancer occurrences, you know, all those life circumstances. That’s what happens when you make a decision to become a military spouse. When I chose to leave grad school and move to San Diego to get married, I chose to pursue my part-time business as a Professional Beauty and Image Consultant I had started while living in Portland (you know, to pay off those 6 figures worth of student loans) and get a part-time job working at a doctor’s office instead of the full-time job I was offered at an inpatient facility for teens that would have had demanding hours, nights and weekends, and wouldn’t exactly have been physically safe all the time. Which is kind of a concern when you have a new husband. Then when we moved back home to Washington, I chose to work in early childhood education because it offered the same hours as my husband’s so that I could spend time with him rather than take the position I was offered at a domestic violence services center. That also would have meant an opposing schedule to his, working nights and weekends. And again, not always physically safe. And then when I decided to become a business coach and mentor for other women in business as beauty consultants, for the increased income and flexibility so I could support my husband in following his dream of starting his own company. And then helping him build it big. I set aside so much of who I am-the avid reader and researcher, the writer, the sociologist. And it was ALL worth every moment to get to where we are today. 

When we decided on our annual NOLA trip at the end of 2018 to make a lifestyle shift and that it was time to make changes and build both of our businesses in a way that we could work from our beautiful property in the Skagit Valley and also in Louisiana whenever we wanted, the first thing I did was look at what can I utilize from BOTH my skills and certifications I have obtained as a Business Coach and Mentor AND my skills, experience, and education in counseling, teaching, and social psychology. I have always kept up my volunteer work with teens and played armchair therapist to everyone around me -including the people waiting for their fast food-as an Intuitive Empath that happen a lot-we’ll talk about that in another blog post but it was time to put those talents to work and get serious again. And I have been LOVING every minute of it. I had put that part of myself aside, the one that loves to read, research, write, study, and really dig deep do the creative and therapeutic work. I found amazing continuing education in my area of choice-not surprising, I am choosing exactly what I chose over 18 years ago. To work in the field of coaching through cognitive behavioral methodology, and hypnotherapy. As soon as I contacted the WA DOH about renewing my license, it became abundantly clear that getting designated as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist was the path I wanted to pursue. And now it’s here! All the hours of education and practice sessions have culminated in starting what I always wanted since I was young-my own private practice, working from home. And technology is now allowing me to do just that!

I am so thrilled about this new chapter of my professional life as a Mental Wellness Coach. It’s a way that I can incorporate ALL of who I am and live in my passion for helping others reach their full potential. I am also so excited to be certified as a Past Life Regression Specialist to be able to incorporate a spiritual focus into my sessions for those who choose to make that a focus and support my clients in THEIR own belief system. All those years as a child of studying so many religions, the curiosity, and research and countless time spent being so respectful and observant of my very diverse friends who so openly shared their beliefs and experiences with me, now finally have a purpose. My path is clear, and I am enthusiastic about where I am headed.  I have such an amazing inner circle who have been cheering me on thus far, and I am so excited to see who will come with me to be part of this journey!

Do you live in YOUR passion, know YOUR purpose, and are YOU on the path to fulfillment in that purpose? Meditation, hypnosis and past life regression can help you get the clarity you are looking for. Click this link to book your complimentary 30-minute Exploration call, to see how working with me as your Mental Wellness Coach, and how Hypnotherapy and the other techniques I use in my sessions will work for you.